EITM Europe 2018

The EITM Europe 2018 will take place from June 23rd to July 7th at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino. In addition to the workshops on statistical and game-theoretical foundations in the first week of the EITM,  this year's focus of the empirical applications is Text as Data: New Developments in Machine Learning and Social Media Research. As every year, we are very happy to have internationally renowned experts teaching the classes.

Academic programme


SFB 884 prolonged for another 4 years

The SFB 884  was re-evaluated by the DFG and the decision is made to prolong the Collaborative Research Center for another 4 years. Congratulation! to the website....


Professor König appointed by the Frankfurter Zukunftsrat to join the Kompetenzteam "Politik und Wirtschaft"

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EITM Europe 2016

The Program for EITM Europe 2016 is now online. This year's summer school will take place from Saturday, 25 June to Saturday, 09 July 2016. Check out this year's program here.

Deadline for applications is  April 30, 2016.

All relevant information sorrounding EITM Europe, e.g. travel and accommodation, application, and program have been packed into a convenient brochure available for download.

To get the brochure, simply click here (PDF).


APSR Editorship for Mannheim and Oxford Researchers

Political Science Researchers from Mannheim and Oxford receive editorship for American Political Science Review (APSR):

In fall 2016 the high ranking journal will be edited for the first time by a European Team. Further information please find in the Press Release....


BJPolS Article won "Wissenschaftspreis"

Prize for BJPolS Article

The article on "Legislative Gridlock and Bureaucratic Politics in the European Union", British Journal of Political Science, 2014, by Dirk Junge, Thomas König and Bernd Luig won "Wissenschaftspreis Bürokratie" of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft,  Cologne. The award includes prize money of 5000 euros.


How does the risk of gridlock affect the type of legislative output? Do bureaucratic agents expand their activities when they can expect that the principals are unable to overrule them? This article introduces a novel approach for calculating the risk of gridlock in bicameral legislatures in order to estimate its impact on bureaucratic activities, combining data on all secondary and tertiary acts of the European Union (EU) from 1983 to 2009. The findings reveal that bureaucratic activities expand when the risk of gridlock increases and an overruling of tertiary acts becomes less likely. This may sustain the EU's overall decision-making productivity, but its bureaucratic nature may raise further questions about democratic legitimacy and principal-agent problems in the representation of interests.


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Congratulations to our research colleagues!

The editors of the renowned journal Political Analysis have selected eight papers, published in the last two years, that they believe are making important contemporary contributions to political methodology. Prof. Thomas König, Moritz Marbach, Moritz Osnabrügge, Prof. Thomas Gschwend and James Lo as well as our former fellow Sven-Oliver Proksch have published two of these papers!

 Both papers are available here:


EITM Europe 2014

We are happy to announce the call for applications for the sixth consecutive Summer Institute on Empirical Implication of Theoretical Models at the University of Mannheim from 15th to 28th June 2014. EITM Europe is organized in close cooperation with Washington University in St. Louis and sponsored by ECPR. This year’s EITM Europe, which we again organize with the support of the Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, will present Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, Randy Calvert and James Lo as principal teachers. Due to ECPR sponsorship we offer 4 to 5 stipends covering the tuition for the best applications. The application deadline is April 30th 2014.

EITM Europe offers tailored classes at the highest scholarly level, which we complement with evening lectures from distinguished scholars. Except for the two days lasting optional refresher class from 14th to 15th June, the program distinguishes between two one week (five full days) classes, which start on Sunday 15th to Friday 19th (Foundations class in game theory and Bayesian statistics) and Monday 23th to Friday 27th (Accountability and Violence).Tuition is 1250 Euros (plus 150 Euros for the optional refresher class in Mathematics and R), accommodation is around 500 Euros.

More information can be found at

Please encourage your best phd students and junior faculty to take the chance to acquire sophisticated theories and tools of analysis at the highest scholarly standard. You may also send the information on EITM Europe to appropriate mailinglists and colleagues. We are looking forward to meeting your phd-students at EITM Europe in June.


EITM Europe belongs to top American EITM Universities

 "EITM Europe" Summer Institute (Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models) at Mannheim University now belongs to top adresses..

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Further funding for SFB 884

 On 21.11.2013 the German Science Foundation (DFG) has agreed on funding the Collaborative Research Center, SFB 884, "Political Economy of Reforms" for another 4 years with a 10 Million Euro budget.

further information and press release ....


Call for Papers

"Reforming Europe", International Conference organized by the Collaborative Research Center 884 and the Center for European Economic Research in Mannheim from December 5th to 6th, 2013. Please find more detailed information at:

Re-evaluation of the SFB 884

On Tuesday and Wednesday, September 17-18, the Collaborative Research Center 884 will be evaluated by the German Science Foundation (DFG) for funding the current work and new research proposals for a period of four further years. Together with 16 referees and members of the DFG, the principal investigators will present and discuss their previous work and planned projects in presentations, poster sessions, plenary discussions and referee workshops.